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rhlee(8)October 30, 2013

I currently use a hoe to clear weeds in my garden. However this is very labour intensive, given how quickly the weeds grow back.

I'm thinking of getting a Red Dragon weed flamer. What I would like to know is how quickly do the weeds grow back?

Would I have to do regular flamings for the first few weeks? And then after that I could I get away with doing it every fortnight?

I've attached a picture of my garden. It doesn't show very well, but most of the beds are covered with weeds.

The Red Dragon weed flamer comes in two models: the green 100,000btu one and the red 500,000btu one. On the one hand, I don't want something underpowered where it would take me too long to do the whole garden. But on the other hand I need the flame to be controlled enough so I don't singe the plants that I planted. That and the 10lb/hr fuel consumption for the bigger model is slightly worrying as I will be using 15kg cylinders.

Which model should I get for a garden like mine?



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Ya gotta remember the flame doesn't care what it burns. My wife uses Preen in her flower beds and it seems to help. A couple of inches of mulch works well and what weeds come up thru it are weak and easy to pull.

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I've had one like this for a few years. I've been happy enough for when you are burning the weeds. The tool is a brute and as noted above be careful. It seems more effective when you are burning near hard surfaces, but the weeds come back. When likely depends on the weeds and your environment. A layer of cardboard covered w/ mulch does work well to suppress weeds if that is the goal.

Here is a link that might be useful: Torch

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