Sprinkler repair and automation - ballpark costs?

authordonnah(SCal 10 /22 sub)March 12, 2006

We live in Southern California and have a small backyard and small front yard with in-ground sprinklers. Most to all of the heads need to be replaced, and some of the lines may as well. We'd like to have those repaired and also have our sprinkler system automated. Right now, there is one valve that has to be manually turned in the front yard for the front sprinklers and a set of three valves in the back yard for the back sprinklers.

Wondering just ballpark what kinds of costs we may be looking at?

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Ball park is $100-150 for a clock,
$30 per zone for valves,
$20 for a valve box, and some money for wire depending on how far from the clock.

$25 per rotor head and $10 per spray head.

Pray your pipes are mostly fine, and can be used.

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It would be helpful if you describe what it is you are irrigating-- Turf vs beds. What are the measurements?

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macfairman(10 N. CA)

I'm in N.CA so pricing may be similar. I just had a sprinkler system installed, which would be more than your repair because they had to dig all the trenches.

The system has 4 automatic valves, and the price included a very nice (and easy to use) controller. They just put the outside-rated controller on the side of my house and plugged it into the outdoor plug. I had to replace the plug cover with a weatherproof cover box, so add $15. :)

The 4 valves were 2 for the 800 sq ft lawn -- rotor sprinklers -- and 2 for soaker hose irrigation. Oh, and they ran a spigot to way the heck in the back -- about 60' from the valves/shut off.

I had quotes for this project ranging from $500 to $2500 (!). Two people came in at $900 and one I really liked -- friendly and a good attitude. The total was $960 (because I added in the spigot).


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To macfairman:

You did it right. You eliminated the $500 guys, who were coming in under the contractor radar.

You got a good deal. Keep in mind it cost $250 a day to just bring a trencher onto your property. And then to throw in the labor-- you'd be above $500. The owners, who does his business with the same wholesalers gets good discounts, some as good as 40% of list, but he probably still spent $200 on material. So he didn't have much left in his pocket--less than $200. I suspect you must live way north in Redding or Chico to get the job done at that price. Don't think an installer would last long in L.A. or S.F. at those rates.

Just out of curiosity-- did he give you a design, including information such as Gal/min and PSI on your system?

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