A motor needed for a Sears Jointer - Plainer 4 1/8" #149.236222

loger_gwOctober 25, 2012

A motor needed for a Sears Jointer - Plainer 4 1/8" #149.236222, motor # NL73512 by Northland. Sears has discontinued the tool and motor W/O any leftover motors. A friend is trying to find a motor to put the nice tool back in service. We'll appreciate any help in finding a replacement motor. Thanks!

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I am not clear if you have a motor that you think is dead or you got a good deal and are looking for a motor to put on it.

It it is the dead motor, then you may revive it by cleaning the inside of the motor. About 11 years ago I thought the motor on my table saw was dead. I took it to a small electric motor repair shop. He showed me how to clean the area where the contacts area inside of the motor and it has ran perfectly ever since then.

I periodically clean those contact, depending on the useage of the saw, about every 2 to 3 years

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He is looking for a motor or repair. The motor appears to have bad end-play spacers or bad bearings. It has too much end-play which causes the pulley end of the shaft to have too much vertical play. Our local small electrical motor shops have past on with the Good Original Owners. Grainger is one of our last hopes and they are not too interested in helping.

I have cleaned many contacts (on open motors vs sealed due to dust, paint, etc) an other parts were good. The indicators have been low or no power vs the excessive play this motor has.

Thanks for the reply and info!

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Loger, the 149 prefix before the model number indicates that the planer was made by American Machine & Tool - maybe something there?

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Have you looked a places like Harbor Freight, (Duck here comes the arrows) They usually have a lot of small motors. I don't know how far into the city you live, but we have:

Tractor Supply

Northern Tools.

I am sure there are others.

These guys cater to to the farmer and contractors, and have all kinds of neat stuff. From wrenches for 2" Bolts, to amimal supplies, live chickens (in season), etc.

They usually have a section with small engines. If they don't have them I will bet they know where to get one.

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Loger , even since your local elect jobbers have declined assistance numerous state wide elect. motor manufacturers could possibly help within a replacement motor within the specifications of the oem unit. Failing this local auto starter and alternator repair shops stock bearings brushs and stator replacment parts which can be used for a rebuild. Unfortunate that motor rewinding has become a thing of the past locally in most areas . Good luck and keep us posted .

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Motor on my Craftsman table saw recently went out (direct drive motor). I looked up a replacement motor from the Sears site. I was shocked. A motor cost more than i paid for the saw. (bought used). I took the motor out and found that the rear bearing on the armature was bad. Local Sears said i would have to buy a complete armature, that bearings were not sold seperate.$138. plus shipping. I took the armature to Napa they crossed the bearing number, had one in stock for less than five dollars. I cut the old bearing off with my Dremel, put the armature in a ZipLoc bag, put in the freezer for a couple of hours to shrink the shaft. Put the new bearing on, put it back together and the motor works like new.

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There should be a number on the motor that you can cross to the Grainger catalog.
It's been a few years since I did that but I found a 220V motor for an electric wall heater that way.

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i have the same problem, but mine is beyond repair.
have you found one yet

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It should be very easy to retrofit a motor on these. Both of mine have separate motors with a belt.

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