Snapper Snowblower

joetoeOctober 12, 2011

I would like to know if anyone has a Snapper Snowblower and how you like it? I am talking about a Single Stage one.

Have you had any trouble with it?

If so what kind of trouble?

I brought one and yes I am a very big Honda van and would not have anything else but a Honda. But to please my wife we got a Snapper. And it was one left over from last year. The price was right. Only time will tell if I am happy with it.

We don't get allot of snow like some places get, last year was more than we wanted and they say this year we are to get allot of snow and biter cold weather.

So here I am buy a snowblower.

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Try to get one with electric start. They use an extension cord from an electric socket outside the house. (110 volts)
Saves a lot of hard pulling of a cold engine. Nothing wrong with Snapper! A good product!

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That is the one I got.

Are you trying to tell me that a Snapper is hard to start when cold?

What weight of oil should one use in it? They put 30 weight in it. I would have used 5W30. Don't you think 30W is to heavy of oil when it is cold out-below 0F?

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What ever the Manufacturer recommends I use 5W30 or 5W40 Amsoil Syn . Sae 30 would be fine with elect start , but might be a problem within severe colder climates -20F or worse , pulling by hand . Enjoy your New Blower !

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