Multiple valve drip system

alexh1000March 9, 2006

I'm installing a multiple valve/anti-siphon drip system using automatic valves served by a residential main. I would like to use one filter and even 1 pressure reg that serves all valves if possible for ease of installation and cost. The retailer told me that this is not recommended since the unit would be under constant pressure. The filter/pressure reg is a DIG unit rated to 115 PSI.

Does this sound right?

I sent an e-mail to DIG to confirm but I rarely get any response from manufacturers so I thought I'd ask here.


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I would follow your retailers advice .. I don't use DIG regulators / filters but have repaired many leaking filters on the non pressure side of a system !! There are indeed filters / regulators that can be under pressure but the cost will most likely be higher. I am only familiar with heavy commercial brass units ... and they are expensive !

Good Day ...

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ralleia(z5 Omaha, NE)

Sure, the heavy brass pressure regulators and commercial filters are "expensive". Up to $50 for a brass pressure regulator and $50-100 for a commercial filter rated up to 400 psi. But compare that to buying and maintaining 6 sets of filters plus cartridges and 6 pressure regulators, all with those cheesy plastic fittings that love to strip when you try to connect them. The cheapo plastic Y-filters run $10-15 a pop and the cheapo plastic preset pressure regulators run $7 a pop. I'd rather pay $50 for one brass regulator that'll service the whole valve setup and last forever than $42 for 6 plastic ones. I might ruin one or two before the things are even installed--I destroyed the threads on a Y-filter last year and I'm not even a muscle-bound guy...

I've been wrestling with the drip irrigation issue off and on for almost a year now, still trying to figure out how to automate my drip irrigation zones. I've got 3 zones now and need to expand, automate, and make things relatively indestructible. The information on how to do these things isn't readily available.

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