I can't get my Hunter XC to program 4 valves - help!

natalietucsonMarch 2, 2012

Hello all,

I have tried 4 times to program my Hunter XC hybrid to no avail.

Here's the set up: I have 4 valves

valve 1 - pollinator garden

valve 2 - vegetable garden

valve 3 - fruit trees

valve 4 - junk (I'm leaving this valve off)

Each of the valves has a stretch of drip line on it - no sprinkler heads.

Here is the schedule I'd like:

valve 1 - Monday, 7am, 1.5 hours

valve 2 - All days, 8am, 20 minutes, 5pm, 20 minutes

valve 3 - Tuesday, 4am, 2 hours

valve 4 - off

I can't for the life of me figure out how this corresponds to programs A, B and C. And it doesn't seem like the numbers relate intuitively either - start time offers 1,2,3,4 (with an A,B or C), but then run time offers, 1,2,3,4,5,6 (with an A,B or C). ?!

If someone is willing to outline my steps to fruition I would be eternally appreciative.


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I am assuming you have read the Owner's manual but in case you haven't here is an on-line one.


I also assume that you want to learn how to operate the controller yourself otherwise you would ask a controller experienced friend to do it for you.

Don't have areal feeling of how much you know now and need to learn.

Programs are irrigation regimes that can control selected zones. Your controller has 3 independent (A,B,C) and 6 zones. Each program controls valves with the same regime.

Regimes are a set of start times 1-4, run times and watering days.

Since you have 3 zones each with different regimes. You will use all three programs

Program A sets Valve 1 watering days Monday only, start time is 7:00 am and runt time 90 minutes.
Program B sets Valve 2 watering days all days of the week, start time 7:00 am and 5:00 pm, run time 20 minutes.
Program C sets Valve 3 watering days Tuesday only, start time 4:00 am, run time 120 minutes.

If you set Valve 4, it would have to match a current regime and be included in Program A, B or C. or buy another controller.

Check out the rain shut off sensor and the time of year adjustment with this controller.

Hope this cuts through the irrigation haze. This is how I would do it and others may have a better solution.

JMHO Aloha

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This may sound complicated but to get the results you want it's the only way. each program will need to be set with a single station,start time and days. Program A-station 1 run time 1.5 hours, start time 1-7am, days-Monday on. Program B-station 2 run time 20 minutes, start time 1-8am, start time 2-5pm,days-set all days on. Program c-station 3 run time 2 hours, start time 1-4am, day-Tuesday on. I hope this helps.

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I am in a similar quandary. Even after reading these responses, I can't understand how to set two separate start times on the same program, vs picking two stations to start together (which I realize really means sequentially). I understand I can't have four completely different regimes for my four stations (the controller only has three programs), so I've (reluctantly) given two zones the same plan. I also understand not to have the times of the different plans (A,B,C) overlap, as that confuses things.

Here is what I want - can someone help me program my controller (it's a Hunter XC Hybrid)?!

Valve (zone/station) #1: Monday and Thursday, start at 9:00 a.m., run for 9 minutes.

Valves (zones/stations) #2 AND #3: Mon., Wed., and Friday, start time 6:30 a.m. for 5 minutes, and again at 8:30 a.m. for 5 minutes.

Valve (zone/station) #4: Tue. and Sat. at 6:30 for 5 minutes, and again at 8:30 for five minutes.

When I tried to set this up, I could set program A for zone 1 fine, but then when I tried to set up program B for zone 2/3, it was unclear how to include both zone 2 and 3. The instruction manual says you don't need to enter times for every valve, but how else does it know you want to include another valve? It also automatically included zone 1 in the plan, even though I had entered "OFF" when "1B" was showing.

I thought this would be more user-friendly, but I'm pretty confused.

I did a complete "reset" before starting to program it, as I'm sure I messed things up the first time. Now, I'm still not sure I'm getting it right.

Thanks for your (detailed!) help!

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Here is a Hunter Industries Video that might help. If not. I can try to lay it out in more detail.



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Thanks,lLehua13. I think the videos helped clarify things. Since I have four stations, and the controller offers four start times, it was never clear that the displayed number (1-4) refers to the START TIME (not the station) if the dial is set to START TIME, but to the STATION when the dial is set to RUN TIME. Hopefully, when I go out and try to program it again, that will be clearer.

I noticed that the controller used in the video had a slightly different display, with the words "station" and "program" showing, so it was clearer what the numbers actually mean. My controller simply shows 1A, 1B, 3b, etc, so it isn't clear that the number part's meaning varies with the dial setting.

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