2 zones come on at same time

jcat2222March 28, 2013

I'm using city water -- I have a intermatic timer, a rainbird antisiphon valve, and a 4 outlet index. I currently only have 2 zones hooked up to the index with the 2 zone cam. When I initially hooked the system up a week or two ago, both zones came on independently and worked fine. Now, when I manually turn on the system from the controller, both zones come on at the same time with low pressure. If i flip the switch dozens of times, eventually one zone will come on alone and will work fine. then when i shut it off and turn back on, it goes back to the same problem of both zones running at same time with low pressure.

What could be causing both zones to come on at once... is there something not triggering the index to shut one zone and move to the other? why is it trying to run both simultaneously?

I live in Central FL, no freezing or anything...

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Check out previous GW link:


With city water you shouldn't have a debris problem and your system has been running very long for a calcium build up problem. Maybe a faulty valve. Can you return it and get a new one? Aloha

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I looked through the link you provided and I don't think any of those are my problems. It seems to me that the plunger is not being pressed down all the way making both of my zones come on. I replaced the plunger (stem/disc) inside with another one, same problem. The cam is installed correctly. it's a 4 outlet index with a 2 zone cam. the additional 2 zones that I have capped (but not sealed at the end) leak slightly, so technically the water is coming out of all 4 outlets from the index, which to me seems like there may not be enough pressure to press the plunger down all the way to only active 1 zone. When the system is off and i have the top part of the index off, the stem when pressed down moves freely and switches to the next zone when i manually operate it with my hand, so it doesn't seem like its getting caught on anything. oh well.... maybe i'll have to call a professional, i tried everything i can think of aside from replacing the index which i feel like wouldn't fix it anyway since the index was new to begin with and this time i even replaced the stem/disc inside with another one and same issue still?

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My $0.02 is you sound more knowledgeable than most and have troubleshot the sucker and come to a good conclusion. You are the one on the ground. Call for help. aloha

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