Irritrol rd-600 to rd-600-R adapter?

new_berlinMarch 3, 2014

My RD-600 irrigation controller conked out and I found someone selling a RD-600-R, which I purchased. The gentleman who sold it to me assured me that it would work fine but I just discovered that the ribbon cable of the new one is wider.

Is there anyway to adapt the RD-600-R for use in my old box or am I going to have to keep looking?


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I believe the only difference is that the "R" will accept a remote if you wanted. Just change out the complete box. It's not that difficult to do.

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Problem is that I only bought the controller, not the box.

If I cut/dremel out the sides of the pin-wall (into which the cable pins go) in the wall box such that I can push connect the 16 middle pins, (so the ends won't be connected), could it work?

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I would ask Irritrol support:


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concur. call Irritrol support. Just out of curiosity, why would the seller want to hold onto the controller panel plastic housing?

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Thanks for the suggestion to call Irritrol. I called them and I am told that there is indeed an adapter to let me use the rd-600-r controller with the older rd-600 switchboard. Unfortunately, they couldn't give me a part number and asked me to find a authorized dealer.

If possible, I would like to order on the web. Would anyone know what I should "search" for? I've googled "rd-600 ribbon cable adapter" with no luck.

PS: No idea why the seller kept his wall-box...but ideally if I can just plug and play, I would prefer it too :-)

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Call irritrol support again or email them the request for the part number and an authorized dealer nearest you. They should give and have that info for you. Get the name of the person you are dealing when you deal with them. I disappointed but not surprised if there are support personnel who don't do everything they can to help you buy there product and create a happy customer to boot. On the other hand, check for the authorized dealer on-line and not the part. good luck. Aloha

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