In colder weather the Sears garage door stops when opening

loger_gwOctober 28, 2012

In colder weather the Sears garage door stops when opening half way. This happens most winters starting in mild 40s and goes away all summer. I have inspected and can not feel or see what the problem is. It acts like there is a binding or dead spot on the screw motor but it's not.

I can help the door and it goes up better with added up force to helps some. I found this solution but not fully understanding what it's saying (vs maybe old 80's which they are but good IMO).

"The controls (potentiometers) that regulate force get dirty in time and make poor contact inside which become evident when cold as the contact springs separate from the track. Cleaning the inside of them is the solution, I injected 91% alcohol with a fine hypodermic (G27)needle through any spaces I could see leading to the inside of the potentiometers while turning them."

Have you had this experience and can share on the process of help or correcting? I have missed this in looking in the past if it's in the 80's manuals.

Thanks In Advance For Any Help!

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Try increasing the up force by small increments. When it's cold there's probably more resistance in the rollers.My garage door opener did the same thing about a week ago and the increase fixed it.

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Thanks for the reply mla2ofus! I have always used your method and it works. Plus, I have always felt it was strange to have to do the same one of two doors almost yearly. I should feel manually what the door is feeling at the same spot but I'm not that sensitive. LOL

Looking in the manual and at the opener, I d/n see any thing labeled or appeared as potentiometers. I feel it's the balancing ext springs and mechanical int springs related. The problem is gone as it worms up during the day. I'll also check to see if I over greased something.

I got excited and thought I was about to lean something new (still might when I look at the int mechanics closer).

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You did not mention the brand, but if you go online and google the name and serial number, you probably can find the manual for it.

They don't change so even if it is older, still search for it.

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I did mention Sears which is made by Etc Co. and I have manuals matching the old openers. Years of wear has to be part of the problem even with maintenance. I have at least 3 others of the same units waiting in the attic to go into service vs these originals. With my old 1968 original pivoting flat doors vs vertical panel doors I feel springs wear has a lot to do with the matter.

I have stayed with the old type doors due to cabinets I added above the old that is not enough space for the new. I enjoy the storage!! Thanks for your reply.

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No spring assits? I also think the weight of the doors plus roller binding or stuck could be your problem especially if the doors aren't the light cheaper style.

My double old heavy doors (with siding attached to the old heavy particial board doors panels) only have problems when one or two of the THREE springs break. I periodic lub and check the rollers for binding. This helps, I can tell by the sound (usually winter time) when it starts to labor. I also can tell if I got broken spring when it starts to coast down when I stop if before it completely down.

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