Echo BRD-280 Bed Redifiner (and edger & trimmer)?

jsfox(4a)October 19, 2011

20 year old edger has given it's last gasp. Was debating between a standard 2-wheel walk behind vs the engine on shaft style. Since I'm doing beds & drive/walks, guy at Echo dealer recommended the BRD-280 and then get the edger attachment. Has anyone used it? Thoughts? Worth the extra money?

Have you used the edger or string trimmer attachment for it? It'll be a heavy trimmer @ 18#'s.

Are these edgers more difficult to use than the 2-wheeled walk behinds?


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It would be great to try edging with one if you could. Maybe the dealer has a demo or a repair you could use if even just around the shop. Personally, I like stick edgers. For contoured or tight areas they do the job easier than a traditional 3/4 wheeled gas edger. I think the person w/ long straight areas is probably better served w/ a traditional edger from an ease of use standpoint. Echo builds nice units btw, so if you are in the market for a gas string trimmer also- you will do fine. In my experience, most people edge twice a year if at all. I get to work on edgers that get used, and forgotten for a few years. Then they get big bills to service them to reverse the damage of neglect. So using a powerhead for multiple purposes, it will get used more and one less thing to care for.

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