DIY Self-watering system

gkanetoMarch 4, 2012

Hello, everybody!

I just wrote an tutorial about self-watering indoor plants.

It is here:

Hope someone find it useful.

Best wishes,


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How often do you have to refill the bottle or replace it? How big is the bottle? When plants mature, they can really suck up the water. Interesting experiment. Aloha

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Well.... I'm testing it now (for 4 days) with two plants in small pots, and a 1.5 L bottle (one bottle for both plants). Until now, about 500 mL of water was sucked from the bottle.

I believe that a lot of water also evaporates from the soil (not to underestimate the plants thirst); so, if bottle size becomes a limit, maybe one can cover the pot with PVC film to reduce consumption... (Just an idea; never did it...)

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Water is evaporating from the dishes as well. Approximately a 1/4" of depth a day in regular sunlight. Do an experiment with a cup of water and record the drop in water level each day. Aloha

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