Oil Leak Craftsman GT5000 Kohler CV730S

jrsmith_2010May 4, 2010

My dad has a 2004 Craftsman GT5000 with a Kohler CV730S. It started leaking oil - quite a bit - near the end of last mow season. Most of the oil seems to pool on the pulleys directly beneath the engine. After it sits sometime, practically all the oil is drained.

I have searched the web the best I know how and cannot find the solution. Any ideas?



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Link below will get you to the free online manual at Kohler. You should save a copy (it's PDF) to your computer (it's free) and study Section 9 on "Disassembly". Section 9 pretty much shows all the places that have seals and gaskets during the teardown procedure. Figure 9-55 on page 9.15 shows the oil pan and the crankshaft seal. Either of those, or both......could actually be suspect, but I would almost think something might have physically damaged the crankshaft seal (like a piece of wire debris, or string) for it to be leaking as bad as you say. The oil pan gasket could leak that badly but if it was only the oil pan leaking, you would surely see a great deal of oil pooling on the upper frame surfaces too because the oil pan seam is above the places that the engine mounting bolts are located.

Here is a link that might be useful: CV730 SerMan

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The web is not the solution? You need to clean the engine off and find where the leak orginates from. With that information someone maybe able to help. Use baby power to trace the leak to it orgin.

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Jason:I had the same problum. It is the seal on the crank shaft up above your pully.

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