New to drip system need advice!

James-hoonApril 4, 2011

I just update some of my sprinkler system to drip system for my tropical fruit tree, but I'm not sure if this the right way. Assume I want to give my plant 15 gallon per week on regular basic, so I installed 7 emitters rate @ 2 gph on 1/2 tube line, and will run it 30 minutes twice a week. Now my soil is kind of clay so to run all 30 mins would create I lot of water run off, to avoid this problem I have to cycle it 3 times @ 10 mins every 45 mins to let all water remaining around basin to absorb down. Is this the right way to do, am I water too much or too often? Btw these plant are newly transplant in ground this early spring and I live in south California in Moreno valley where the day time can get pretty hot some time.

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You might not want to worry about calculating the amount of water but watch what is happening to the soil around your trees as you apply the water. Ask at the fruit tree(papaya?) forum and find out what they think your trees need in the way of water. Maybe start with about a 0.5 gal/2 days per plant and when it gets hot go up to 1.0 g/ 2 days per plant. The main thing is to watch how the water spreads into the soil and if the trees looked stressed from too little water or too much. Newly transplanted trees need to be kept moist but not soaked every day for a couple of weeks. JMHO Aloha

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