Tec Snow blower engine problem.

rustyj14(W/PA)October 8, 2012

Last year, a friend asked me to repair his large snow thrower/ blower, said the starter wasn't turning the flywheel--was just grinding-but not turning it!

so, i removed the starter assembly, and he was right--all of the teeth were worn off the gear on the starter. I ordered a new gear, and installed it and all was well---or so i thought. It finished out the rest of the winter.

Late this summer, he called and said the starter had fallen clean off, when he tried to start it prior to snow time! I went to see, and yes, the main body of the starter had fallen off the mounting plate, onto the garage floor! Now, i was beginning to think the bad fairies had been at work, during the hot weather, but that was not the case. I picked the brain of another friend who works at a lawn mower repair place. He told me i had better check for a sheared flywheel key! He said the mounting plate that broke off, was only spot welded to the starter body, so a sheared fly key would not break something in the engine, or starter. He said he'd seen a case where the cam had been broken when trying to start an engine with the same symptoms. I wondered why that starter had only 3 skimpy spot welds holding the body to the base! Said something about a "Sacrificial weld".

So now--you are probably wondering how the flywheel key could be sheared just by plowing snow with a snow thrower.

Ahh, haa! Just pick up a dog chain, a dry, hard branch, a leash for the dog, or some old rope. The reel stops, the engine stops fast, the flywheel tries to keep moving, and bang!! there goes the key, and after that something else breaks, and yer off to the races! By: Rusty Jones

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Sounds like the flywheel did not have the proper torque on it. Do you know if the flywheel has been pulled since the factory assembly? Without a flywheel holder and specs I feel it could easily be torqued below specs. I learned the hard way that torque to specs is critical when a chain saw stopped and the clutch came off (on what I felt was a good torque vs to specs). Dangerous Is Not Saying Enough!

Will you be able to weld or bolt the plate back on (stronger than the spot welds)?

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Heh heh, I didnt go 10 feet with my first snow blower, when I inhaled the Sunday paper :D

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Well, we reattached the mtg plate, but the teeth on the gear don't mesh with the flywheel At this point, i am ready to drive the thing off the bridge, but i ain't giving up! The Mtg . plate is in the correct spot, and the gear kicks in, but no mesh! The gear wobbles on its shaft, isn't running straight and true. The flywheel key is ok.
A friend says it might have messed up the cam, or something else inside, but---who knows. I don't think so. It runs when i use the pull start.

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I ran into something similar once, (starter not meshing),
and it turned out to be a bent shaft on the starter

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Well, today we finally got it fixed! A large sigh was just emitted by me!
We looked at it very carefully yesterday, and today i installed a thicker than normal flat washer under the back end of the starter bracket, and it now works ok. Previously the starter body sat at an angle to the engine block, which allowed the starter gear to jump out of mesh with the flywheel. That flat washer shim aligned it all back in the correct position. Works now!

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