Q: Do I need a valve and timer for this?

rayyar77April 24, 2013

I tapped into my bckyrd PVC in order to add palms and plants on a drip system. Got it all working, but drippers will not shut off unless I close the backflow valve on the side of my house. When I close this valve, the front yrd irrigation will not turn on. Should I not be able to control the bckyrd also with the timer I already have or is there something wrong with my setup or do I need to put in a irrigation valve and timer past the backflow. Please, please help if you know. I don't want to keep doing this manually b/c I may forget and I just put in the landscaping myself...lots of work and money would be wasted.

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Hard to tell from your description and not seeing the physical layout of your system. Is the drip system below in elevation compared to the valves? In other words, is the system slowly draining out the drip emitters after shutoff. My advice is get an irrigation guy out and take a look at your system (not that expensive but worth the $$) or a knowledgeable friend or neighbor. It is too hard to tell what is happening from where I am sitting. JMHO aloha

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