Pump for Irrigation System

semasse2000April 25, 2011

Hi All,

I have a greenhouse drip irrigation system that I've set up. It's 8 raised beds that are 2x2. It has maybe 10 hanging baskets in it also. So far I've gotten all the emitters and drip tubing set up and running. My one problem is, the system requires a psi between 20-30. The whole system set up requires 175 gph, which I don't have everything hooked up so it should require less gph than that. I'm guessing around 125 bph. My question and help that I'm needing is, I'm trying to find a water pump that I can use with the system. My water source is from some rain barrels and a water holding tank. Both which I have enough opening to drop a submersible pump into. I just can't find a water pump that would work! ARGH! *rips hair out that's left* If anyone could help me out here, I'd be greatful. I'm looking for a pump that can dish out 20-40 psi. The drip irrigation isn't that long or big, it's a 7x15x7 greenhouse so shouldn't require that big of a pump. Hope someone can help me!



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You may want to consider getting a pressure regulator for your drip system. Many regulators keep water pressure at about 25 PSI. You could a smaller pump, but if you can't find one that small, a water pressure regulator would be ideal.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pressure regulators

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Check out a 1/6 hp submersible pump. Any Big Box, hardware or irrigation supply store will give you the backup detail for the submersible pump. Look for flow rate at the pressure you need plus 20%.

This one has a warranty.

Look at twenty transfer pumps that would sit outside and pull from the barrel. Rig a float switch shut off.

What is key is your storage capacity which means how long your pumps will run before shutting off from lack of water.

JMHO Aloha

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As for the regulator, the system already includes a 20 PSI regulator, sorry forgot to mention that. Lehua13, THANX FOR THE LINK! It definately has enough gph to cover it but will it produce 20 psi? I have a huge 2,000 water holding tank that I can put a submersible pump in. I had a pump I had laying around that I'm not sure what the PSI or GPH was but I know offhand it was 1/6 hp and although the soaker hoses were going, it wasn't producing enough pressure to have the drip emitters going :( So I'm wondering if this 1/6 hp from sears will produce the PSI I need to have this system running smoothly instead of just the soaker hoses working. I plan to manually operate the pump daily so I'm not too worried about a shut off switch.

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If you go to a reputable hardware or plumbing store, they have literature or specific operation of the pumps working pressure. If they don't provide it then don't buy it. Most pump vendors have the pump curves for the pumps they sell. The pump curve will tell you the head in feet (feet of head to psi is 0.443 psi/ft)the pump produces at certain flows. Since you will not have to lift your irrigation water very high, the pump will give the maximum pressure the pump can generate. Unfortunately companies like Sears don't have knowledgeable staff that can find out the pumps pressure rating for you nor is it in the literature. My suggestion is to go HD or Loewes or Sears or the local landscaping/irrigation store and see if someones can get you the info you need to make a decision. Also let us know how many heads, flow rate, type and brand you are using.
With the size of operation you have, I would buy a pump big enough (1/2 hp) that has excess flow and pressure and regulate it down to what you need instead of trying a size there is not much buyer demand and info on. JMHO Aloha

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