Pump and pump controllers

jimw00d(USDA zone 7)April 27, 2010


I have a deep well and a high pressure pump that extracts the water into a container of approx 1 cubic meter capacity.

I then use a further lower pressure pump to irrigate my vegetable garden using drip system. I have to turn the pump on manually and I use a timer to turn the pump on when i am away from home. This works fine because I only have 1 water zone.

I recently planted an olive grove and orchard and so I now have 3 zones. Each zone has very different water requirements and so I would like to upgrade my system.

What equipment would I need?

I guess I would need to do the following:

1) turn pump on for zone 1 only

2) turn pump off for zone 1 only

3) turn pump on for zone 2 only

4) turn pump off for zone 2 only


Any information would be great.

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Most all irrigation controllers today have multiple programs and a pump start terminal on the controller. You would put zone #1 on program A with its own start and run times and do the same for the others on program B, C and D etc. A local irrigation supplier will have various controllers to choose from.

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jimw00d(USDA zone 7)

The problem is I live in Italy and the local market for this kind of thing is very limited.

Perhaps someone could point me in the direction of a few manufacturers.


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www.irritrol.com (Total Control Series is good and easy to use), www.rainbird.com, www.hunterindustries.com good luck

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