Raised Bed water timing/spreading drip irrigation problem

hykaiaxgunApril 26, 2012

I have a problem this year with my drip system not spreading water but just running down and out of the beds. I have 4x8 beds with (4) 1/2GPH 6" emitters running down the middle of each square (SFG). All emitters are dripping fine. This is my second season with it and last year I did not have this problem. I posted this question before stating that the only difference this year is lack of rain and snow and the beds are much dryer starting out and was told that this could be the reason. I have soaked the beds by hand and it has rained but it has not helped much. Doing more research, I have come to realize that I water my beds way too much as it is. I have been watering 2xday for an hour and if they only need 1/2G per week, I should only be watering 2xweek for 15minutes. Huge difference. My main concern is that if I water only 2xweek for 15 minutes I will never get them soaked enough to combat this "lack of spreading" problem. Do I need to just soak them by hand every day until they are saturated and then do the 2x week for 15 minutes? Any advice on this would be appreciated. I know I should be considering the individual plant needs too, but I am a newbie and so not there yet!

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I don't know your water flow rate or pressure of your system but you might try putting a second drip line in with equal spacing to solve your problem. Water will have less distance to travel in the same time. This would probably be better for root growth distance anyway. This would divide your flow rate between the two line and increase pressure loss for two line instead of one. JMHO Aloha

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