Cherry Tree cross Pollination

acceMarch 23, 2010

I'm new to this, I just bought a Prunus Avium Black Tartarian (Sweet) and I did research and it needs another cherry tree for pollination to bear fruit. Does it have to be the same cultivar or can it crosspollinate with my Prunus Subhirtella Weeping Higan Cherry?

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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

You need another sweet Cherry.
Here's one paragraph that discusses this:

"Two trees are usually needed to produce fruit, and second tree must be chosen with care. No combination of these will produce fruit: 'Bing', 'Lambert', Royal Ann'. These varieties will pollinate any other cherry: 'Black Tartarian', 'Corum', 'Deacon', Republican', 'Sam', 'Stella', and 'Van'. However, because 'Lambert' blooms late, it is pollinated best by 'Republican'. 'Glacier', 'Lapins', 'Stella', and 'Sunburst are self-fertile (a lone tree will bear)."


Any other Sweet cherry varieties chosen (info for others) will also need a pollinator. Furthermore, there are varieties that only do well when pollinated by select other cherries. Here is one more example...

"'Utah Giant'. Ripens with 'Bing' but is larger, sweeter; develops sweetness even before fully ripe. Holds color when processed. Pollinate with 'Van' or 'Stella'."

So, as advised above, it isn't a complete free for all. I know for a fact (however) that 'Bing' is usually selected as a pollinator, but of course, there are many, many, choices. It's just easy for nurseries to carry a "generic" pollinator. It saves time and the trees are in the customers hands and they're on their way.

Sunset Western Garden Book (Fifth Printing June 1997); Sunset Books Inc, Menlo Park, CA; ISBN: 0376038519.



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So do two tartarian cherries produce fruit? And when we say pollinator, does it mean these have to be frown next to each other, or can they be like 15' apart?

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Cross pollination is best achieved when you have two different clones or cultivars of the same plant. So two Tartarian cherries will not pollinate each other - you need a Tartarian and another sweet cherry, as Dax notes......Bing, Van, Stella, Lapin, etc. Even with self-fertile cultivars, like the Lapin or Stella, you tend to get better cropping if another cultivar is available to offer cross pollination. And they do not need to be planted next to each other......just within flying distance of the pollinizers, so another sweet cherry variety in the same neighborhood will work.

Here is a link that might be useful: cherry pollination chart

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Thanx a lot. Now I just have to dig out one of the trees, return it and get another one.

Wait a minute, I have 3 flowering cherry trees (kwanzah) within "flying" distance. Do the cross pollinators have to be fruit bearing or would this be ok?

Sorry for pestering you, but I am totally new with fruit trees. Got 100 evergreen and deciduous trees, but this was my first attempt with fruit trees...

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I have a question on Pollination of Apple tree. I have one apple tree. During flowering season Can I go to an Orchard and buy few branches and Graft it on my tree. Would this Pollinate the tress. I guess I need Bees to do the job but I think wind can help too.

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bitooli - look at the link. You need two different cultivars of the same species, fruiting sweet cherries. An ornamental or flowering cherry will not work.

foolishpleasure, grafting a second variety onto an existing tree should work, provided you get the graft to take (a big "if" when working with existing trees of any size or maturity) and it is a compatible cultivar. And you do need bees or other appropriate flying insect pollinizers to effect the pollen transfer - wind will not do it.

But you may not need to go to the trouble of grafting. Another apple or crabapple tree in your immediate neighborhood will work. Or you can select multiple graft trees - trees that have been grafted with several different apple cultivars at a very young age to exclude the need for more than one apple tree type.

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Hi,I got a question,I just got a 4-in-1 cherry tree,it has van,lapins,bing,stella cherries all in one tree.Do I need another tree for pollination? or will this tree pollinate it self?

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)


Your 4-in-1 tree is totally self-fertile. You will not need another cultivar as long as all four cultivars are present on the tree.

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As easy as it is to grow a tree I still need help what tree will go good with my "BING" to produce fruit I did not under stand the answer above!!! thank you!!!

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Jeff, I think you'll have to be more specific about what you don't understand. Is there a word you need defined, or what?

As far as a cultivar to cross-pollinate 'Bing', most other sweet cherries work well and there are many lists of potential pollenizers online. A few examples that will work both ways with 'Bing' (as a pollen donor and pollen recipient) are 'Angela', 'Black Gold', 'Black Republican', 'Black Tartarian', 'Early Burlat', 'Glacier', 'Gold', 'Hardy Giant', 'Hartland', 'Hudson', 'Lapins', 'Stella', 'Sweetheart', 'Ranier', 'Royalton', 'Van', and 'White Gold'.

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I have just bought two bing cherry trees. I was wondering if they will pollinate themselves and if not I have lots of wild cherry trees around will they pollinate them

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)


Two 'Bing' cherry trees are the same as one 'Bing' when it comes to cross-pollenization. The wild cherries may indeed act as pollenizers, but without knowing what type they are (or even where you are at) and more specifics about their relative location, etc it's hard to say for sure.

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i have been looking up trees to cross polinate with my tartarian cherry tree and i have come across information about pollinaters as being : flower group 5 and bloom 5 (for my tartarian , but other pollinators have different flower and group numbers... my tree flowers in early spring in zone 5 how do i know which tree would be the right one to plant near my own tree?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

hey wasu ...

the fruit forum peeps would sure know this answer better than the tree peeps ...


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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Ken Benedict Arnold Adrian is selling us out again. LOL

Wasutonwi, the biggest majority of other sweet cherries and even some sour cherries can be used successfully to pollenize Tartarian. Some that are especially ideal, as well as easy to find, are Bing, Rainier, Royal Ann, Stella, and Van. These cultivars can also be successfully pollenized by Tartarian, so the combination will work well both ways.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i suppose...

what i was intending to do.. is give them another resource ...

what does it matter.. this isnt their post.. who knows if they will ever get the answers we are providing ... on a 2 year old post ...

i am delighted they used the search to find old posts.. but i dont get why a new post is not started .. and wasu is not alone in this.. so dont take it personally ...

all that said.. of all the dabbling i have done with fruit .. cherry is one of the hardest.. in that ... pollinator aside.. bad winter can kill buds .... late frost can kill the flower .. or set so few fruit it isnt worth it .... and then the birds usually beat you to the harvest ...

sour cherry is never a problem .. its just the foo foo cherries.. that are not really reliable in MY z5 .... [depending of course.. on how proactive you are willing to be .. as in spraying.. netting.. etc]

its probably the same reason those fancy wash DC cherry blossoms.. kwasan or something.. are not reliable in z5 MI ... i get a show like DC once every 3rd to 5th year ....

if you have time.. i would call local orchards.. and ask if they have trees.. and if they have few or none.. that might be your best answer .. and if they do.. ask them what varieties they grow.. and what they may use for pollinators ... in z5.. i think local info would rule ...

i am just wondering.. making a presumption on your name.. how hardy cherry will be in WI ..???? .. not that the tree wont live.. but whether you will ever get a decent crop in your area ...


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"i am delighted they used the search to find old posts.. but i dont get why a new post is not started .. "

I didn't know that this particular thread about cherry pollination existed.

I suppose I could have visited here first, done a GardenWeb search or scrolled through the numerous pages of this particular forum....

Googling 'cherry pollination' lead me right here. Yeah! And it appears that the info is still useful. Yeah again! ;)

Thanks to all who posted. ;)

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