Taking care of plants while away

hangorbadzoApril 14, 2013

I travel a lot and sometimes it's difficult for me to find someone to take care of some of my more sensitive plants. I was thinking there could be some kind of a service that could connect people who need their plants taken care of and people who'd be willing to do this. What do you think? Would you be willing to let someone else take care of your plants while away? Or would you be willing to do it for a price?

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Interesting idea. You could advertise on local Craigslist or set a website people can Google. I tried Googling "Plant Sitter" or " Plant au Pair" in my area and all I get is How-To sites. So it seems to be an open field. The only difficulty is getting the your info out there without confusing it with the many other plant care info sites. One could tie your site to a local nursery where they recommend your services and if you are searching for someone that may be the place to start. aloha

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