Older Homelite 360 chainsaw

poki_5October 12, 2011

I have a 1978 Homelite 360 chainsaw that the exhaust is filling up with gas when it sits. I've rebuilt the carb and replaced the fuel lines. It runs great, but when I take a break, the exhaust fills with gas. It pours out about a cup or so of gas. Any suggestions would be great.

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I feel you need an in-line cut-off valve to stop the fuel until you solve this matter. Otherwise, it sounds like a fire waiting to start. I also feel a seat is not working properly to allow the fuel to flow while the saw is not in use or some fuel lines are crossed. I feel you will get some Real help on this soon. "Be Safe"! loger

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Thanks Loger, I went out to do a quick look over and the carb seems to be seated good, and there are only 2 fuel lines, one feed and one overflow. The feed line looks like theres foam in it though, I don't know if thats normal or not, I never checked when it ran good. The gas is new/mix.
I'm not going to need the saw anytime soon. I have another saw if I need it, but this one is bigger and stronger. Hopefully I can fix it.

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1. Is it true the needle and seat and diaphragm should stop the gas when the saw is not running?

2. Would a low pressure test verify the needle and seat or diaphragm is leaking?

3. Could a clogged vent in the fuel tank force the gas past the needle and seat and diaphragm?

4. Where is the over-flow line from and to? Do you have a link that shows the saw�s fuel sys?


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Update, Problem solved.

I went to my local saw shop (about an hour away), the mechanic there told that my inlet needle was stuck and possibly my diaphragm and metering gasket were reversed. After confirming with my diagram I downloaded of the internet, I did put it together correct. I decided to reverse them anyway, and the saw seems to be working good. Thanks Loger for your help. I have another saw with an oiling problem and I look forward to all help with that one.

One final note, the mechanic told me that he wont work on any of my saws because there too old and its to hard to get parts for them. BUMMER!

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Poki, Problem solved is Good News! If you have been in many 2-cycle carbs related to the saw's etc, compare a couple of diagrams. Usually I can back-track and find my errors as a lesson. My usual lesson is not taking my time due to too many projects. Such as: I forgot to get my 2nd cup of coffee before a :30 minute welding repair as my only project today. 2.5 hrs later my back told me to STOP, after extended welding and grinding to beef up a jig to quarter BBQ wood. Then I did some overdue WeedEating before cleaning and heading inside for lunch. I had coffee for lunch. LOL! loger

PS. Old parts are not that hard to find. BUT! ItâÂÂs more on your time vs a mechanics. Post the oiling matter and IâÂÂll see if my generic troubleshooting will help.

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