Stihl 015av chainsaw

ogRobOctober 27, 2013

I was given this saw a few years ago and it hasn't run for 3-5 years. I broke it down, cleaned everything and re-assambled. I installed a new pull cord, fuel filter and spark plug. I cleaned the points as I wasn't getting any spark. I have plenty of spark now.

With a small shot of starter fluid it started and runs like a new saw. Only problem is I have no throttle control. I have to use the choke to keep the rpm's down or it runs full open.

I may have mistakingly left something out on the re-assembly. Maybe something on the carb?

Any help would be appreciated.


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I tried to find a diagram that shows linkage from carb to throttle. That might show the need. Most of all, is there a linkage on the saw that open and close the carbâÂÂs plate (as you press or let off the fingerâÂÂs throttle)? If not, Please add a close Picture showing Carb to throttle linkage. The linkage could be binding if not in the correct position. Otherwise Good Work!

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Thanks for the reply. I had planned to take some pics last night but when I went to pull the saw out of the carry case I was surprised to see the bottom of the carry case had a pool of fuel and the saw was sitting in that pool.

As soon as I can I'll clean up the saw, take the pics and post them here.

Not sure if the two issues are connected (fuel leak & no throttle control).


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My experiences have been pools of oil due to the spilt oil tanks or oil ports at the bar leaking. On our 3 old Poulan S25 saws, the oil and fuel tanks were split and no plastic on the 70s models. The fuel tanks never leaked vs the oil tanks needing gaskets.

I feel once you clean the spill and saw, the leak should show the problem as a bad fuel line, line to tank not a tight seal, Etc. I hope itâÂÂs not a split tank. My leaking oil tank gaskets were more trouble to replace than they were worth. With luck one was replaced within the 1 yr warranty. Afterwards re-torquing screws helped, cleaning and adding silicone where needed worked or emptying oil tank worked. If it had been a leaking fuel tank I w/n still own the saws. LOL.

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