Identifying older Ariens Snowblower

bhshamanOctober 28, 2007

Hello all,

I just picked up a refurbished Ariens Snowblower.

Anyone know the model and/or year?

It does not have the model or serial on the frame.

The Engine numbers are:

Model: H70-130067

Serial: 9275 16776

Here is a picture of it (sorry about the quality):

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According to the engine serial#, the engine was built on the 275th day of a year that ends in 9.
It would be a 7 HP engine.

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Looking at the white painted cross brace and using bill kaupaun's figures, I would guess it's a 1989.

If I may suggest, contact Ariens customer support and give them the serial #, they should be able to provide you with the exact year. I did this and I was informed the used unit I bought was a 1995.

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Where do I find the model # on the snowblower and on the engine.I don't know the HP. I need to get some parts for it. All I know is it's an older model (70's) that cuts a 32" path. Any info would be great.

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Chassis tags are usually located on the main drive housing. SOmetimes rear, sometimes side. Engine tags are almost always on the shroud where the recoil starter is mounted. If you have no luck, post a pic and what type of parts you are seeking.

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If you go to the Ariens web site (, click on the "Contact Us" tab and then select the little circle entitled "My inquiry does not fit in the above categories".

All you can do is try to get an answer by giving them your numbers as you gave in the forum posting, even though you said they are "engine numbers". Perhaps they can still tell you what year the blower was built. Normally, there is a metal tab somewhere on the body of the machine. Just try with what you have. Just looking at your picture, though, it looks like something from the 1970s or early 80s. Let us know what you find out.

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Other than the black-painted engine, handlebars, chute, and augers, it's identical to my 1974 (which has a white engine, orange chute and augers, and chrome handlebars). The triangle-shaped auger bearing holders are the same as my 1974 (they're not painted on my '74)- My 1989 8Hp has round bearing holders. If the black engine isn't a repaint, it's probably a re-power.
The model number/ serial number on my '74 is a foil-type sticker located at the rear of the unit, on the plate that covers the bottom of the unit. It's located pretty low. I think that the numbers are also (faintly) stamped into the same plate, but I'm not sure right now.
Good Luck

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bobbydj(Central NY)

Ralphgumby is pretty close. The number you are giving above is just the Tecumseh Engine Number - not the Ariens Model Number. Based on that alone, this engine was used on the older Ariens "10000" series Sno-Thros. My list shows that this engine was used on Ariens models made from 1969 thru 1972. In 1972-73 models - they used a Tecumseh Model # H70-130067A.

Most likely, yours is one of the earlier moddels (1969-'70). The earlier models in the mid and late 1960's used a clutch handle that allowed you to lock it in gear (which I can see in the photo above). These clutches were later changed (a safety issue) as it is possible that the snowblower will propel itseldf if you let it go "in gear".

I have worked on these in my shop for the past 30 years. On yours, I an tell that someone painted the auger, discharge chute and handlebars black - which is incorrect if you are a purist. All these had white painted engines from the factory back then. The chute, auger blades and auger housings were all orange in color back then- from what I see in the photo - it looks like someone did some touch up work. The 7HP models were the "deluxe" model - and came with chromed handlebars. The 5 HP models came with white painted handlebars.


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