Watering: How to for Beginners

sammyyummy(11)April 26, 2012


I am new here and new to gardening. Recently Ive tried to germinate seeds (and read gardening books eg dummies etc) and have had a hit and miss level of success.

Now I want to sow seeds and care for the ones that have sprouted but the watering bit is very perplexing.

I use clear pots with good drainage plus I could see how far the water goes.

When starting from seeds (eg lavender or dianthus), Ive read that the surface has to be moist. While Ive managed that using a water sprayer-mist, the underlying soil isnt (germination success rate is 50%). How do I properly water seeds (or what does it really mean to keep soil/soil surface moist)? Since I use a clear container, how far down should the water wet the soil when I water seeds?

Similarly, when they have sprouted, how far down should the soil be visibly wet when I water?

Please help. Im outta my wits trying to figure it out.


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When you write that your has good drainage, does that mean water can leave the pot? The moisture has to reach the seed and a little below. The soil should go from saturated at watering to barely moist before watering again. Usually the water travels through the pot and out the bottom leaving moisture behind but not flooding all the air from the soil. Good drainage allows the air to reenter the soil as the water moves out. Roots need some water(nutrients) and air to grow. Does this make sense? There is an amazing amount of information on this in the container gardening, tomatoe SFG forums. GL Aloha

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