soaker hose system for raised beds?

isoldesmama(z6 Boston)April 5, 2007

Hi there --

I'm installing a soaker hose system for my Square Foot Garden -- about ten 4'x4' boxes set apart from each other by mulched paths. Has anyone done this before? I'm thinking that if the main line goes down the side of one bed, across the path and then up to the next bed, it will wreak havoc with the water pressure. And I don't want to set up ten different separate stations. Any advice?

Thanks in advance!

Janice T.

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I'd check out a product called Netafim drip line systems ... one zone would be all you need.

Good Day ...

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roseyp8255(z8 - SC AL)

i am using the soaker hoses (with connectors) that i bought @ walmart - started using htem last year, worked WONDERFULLY. I have them ALL over my yard (flower beds only) - have 5 acres total, but only 1/2 is "cultivated" and some of that is a work in progress.

Hoses come in 50', 75' and 100' lengths - the connectors and stuff for use when cutting the hoses are not necessarily cheap - but it is much better than sprinklers. I have no problems with water pressure. Once the water gets to end (where i have an end cap, i get great water pressure - i have timers - manual - run them for 2-3 hours at a time, once a week usually - i do have to vary when i turn them on b/c of the sheer number of hoses/beds - i probably ahve about 1500 feet total of soaker hose laid here and there.

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isoldesmama(z6 Boston)

Thanks roseyp! But do you think your system would work if the hoses go in and out of raised beds? That's a lot of up and down, and I worry about water pressure....

Janice T.

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I am going to have the same setup but with 6 raised beds. I have been thinking about drilling a hole in the wood so the hose can go right through without that much up and down.

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Twinkle(7 GA)

I am trying the same thing too - raised beds with soaker hoses. I'm concerned about watering the paths in between. Any ideas on watering the beds but not the paths?

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I also garden in raised beds. This is my 3rd year and I am adding trellis and soaker hoses this year. I have a total of 6-4'x8' beds 4 are lined side by side and with these bed I was going to put a 25' soaker in each bed and make a short hose to go from bed to bed out of regular hose so my paths don't get soaked also. I have made 2 trellis out of cattle panel and conduit slipped over rebar in the ground, this way I can move the trellis around when I rotate my crops.

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It's been a couple years since the first post. Did you go ahead with trying this out isoldesmama? And if so, how did it work out?

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isoldesmama(z6 Boston)

Yes, I did, punchmonkey. I drilled a hole about an inch below the top of the raised beds on each side of the boxes, large enough for a hose to go through. I snaked the soaker hoses in the boxes, and connected them by short (6 feet) regular hoses between the boxes. It worked out ok, except I had to have a number of lines going. I found that my water pressure was just enough to go through two sets of soaker hoses and one regular hose between them. So I had about four lines going at once, for 8 boxes. Hope this helps.

Janice T.

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