Echo PB-250 blower start issue

ac2211October 28, 2011

I have a Echo PB-250 blower that will only start and run with almost full choke only.Blower is only 7 months old.Read that the factory settings are set lean and after intial use the carb mixture needs to be made richer.I am looking to purchase the carb adjustment tool but unable to find one.It has a walbro carb.Was told by lawn mower shop that this tool is available only to shops and not homeowner.Very small high and low adjustment needles.Was thinking of making a tool,any ideas where to purchase this tool or make one.

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running on full choke usually indicates gummed up carb. and maybe vacuum leak caused by loose screws on the carb. or cracked fuel line/ primer bulb (not likely beings it's not that old). If it has set with Corn gas most likely the carb. passages are almost gummed closed. I would drain and clean the fuel tank and in tank filter, put fresh gas in it and run some additive through it beings it does run. maybe that will remove some of the varnish.

Carb. adjustment tools are available online. First you have to idenify what type of splines the hi and low have. even on some carb. they have limited adjustment so you may not be able to turn them vary far without removing the limiters. I think the carb. is dirty and if you get it cleaned up it will run fine by the way you describe the problem IMO.

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