BCS 205 tiller slipping

SilverzukOctober 3, 2013

I inherited a BCS 205 tiller from my grandpa not long after I was married. I have used it to work a 125'x30' garden on a West Virginia ridge for about 10 years, my grandpa grew about the same size garden before I got it.

It runs fine, has good power, my problem is that if I hit a big clod of clay, or piece of old tomato stake the tiller stops but the motor keeps running. So obviously there is something acting as a clutch. It is getting weaker over the last few years, and is the point I need to fix it.

Any ideas what is slipping and its location?
A formal clutch between the motor and gear box?
Clutch built into the tiller shaft?

I am mechanically inclined, but would like to see diagrams, talk to people with experience, and know where I to get parts before I tear it down and learn things the hard way.

Any replies are greatly appreciated.

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http://www.bcsamerica.com/uploads/pdfs/Service_Info_2-4.pdf That model should have a cone clutch. It apparently comes only as as assembly. You might want to trying adjusting the cables first.

Here is a link that might be useful: shop manual

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I've adjusted the cables, that is why I am down to replacing the clutch.

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