How do I know when my plants are established

frida999(7)April 26, 2012

I'm a relatively new gardener, planning a landscape with only drought tolerant plants. I keep reading about watering plants a certain amount of time until they are established. How do I know when this is? I read online somewhere that it takes a year of biweekly watering for flowers, small plants. This seems like forever to me and I'm wondering what your opinion is. Is there a way to tell?

Also, would you recommend planting in fall rather than in the next few weeks? I know summer is hard on plants, however I'm dying to get started.

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When new growth appears on the plants. Check the growth cycle expectations for each type of plant. Even drought tolerant plants need water to get established and then water can be cut back. List the plants and we can help search the info for you. Don't see why you can's start immediately. Drought plants should be alright in hot and humid country. Check with the local supplier of the plants for transplanting info. I hope you are not starting from seed. Aloha

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