Honda GC160 Engine

spainOctober 20, 2010

I had the carb replaced about 1 year ago, now its doing the same thing. At first it wouldnt start at all, I cleaned the carb, then it started would speed up and die. I then took the carb off and cleaned the jets, now it starts with the choke in the closed position only, at high speed it sputters and dies, but will I run it at med speed it runs but will die with tiller has a load, also when you put the choke to open it always dies. I dumped all the gas, and checked the fuel is flowing thru the strainer which it is. Do you think that its the fuel pump? or the strainer doesnt supply enough gas due to restrictive flow? Help please, I soaked the carb over night.

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Sp: You certainly have a fuel restriction . If you can blow through the fuel filter you can rule that out . Having soaked the carb in concentrated fuel cleaner is a start. Next you will have to thoroughly clean the fuel circuits . Removal of the Hi & Low Speed Jets and either inserting a tag wire or blowing (compressed air) will ensure all varnish or gum has been removed. Another final spray of carb cleaner prior to jet replacement will also help dislodge any residual debris. Add some carb cleaner within the fresh fuel and restart the mower and let it run until it will idle and full throttle response is restored . In the future ensure to use a fuel stabilizer and fuel cleaner upon seasonal storage and start up . You should not require fuel pump replacement .

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