Husqvarna chainsaw wont start?? HELP

happy123(8b)October 15, 2006

Ok, this is a brand new 141 used only a couple of times. I have a good spark. It has fuel in the tank and in the carburetor. However, when I pulled off the muffler and tried to crank it the cylinder is dry. I dont think fuel is getting to the spark plug. What makes the fuel suck into the cylinder? Anything else I should check?


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How long since it was used last? Is the spark plug wet after several attempts to start it using the choke?

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It was last used about 6 months ago.

The spark plug is dry after trying to start it. How do I get fuel from the carb to the cylinder? Please excuse my ignorance when it comes to two stroke motors.

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Since it's a fairly new saw and ran fine the last time it was used, I'd focus on the following most likely scenarios:

1. Six month old fuel turned stale and gummed up the carb. Get a carb rebuild kit and blast the carb body and passageways with carb cleaner. (or you can use an ultrasonic cleaner).

2. The pulse line came off or has a leak. (it's what gets the carb to pump fuel by pulsating between vacuum and compression from the crankcase.

3. The fuel tank vent might be clogged so that fuel can't be pulled from the tank. Also how's the condition of the fuel line?

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The fuel line is fine. Fuel is getting to the carb. The carb doesn't looked gummed up. Where is the pulse line?

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When my Husqvarna was new, it was tempermental starting. Try this: first empty old fuel and replace with fresh. Then, push decompression button, close choke (normal starting sequence), pull cord 4 times, open choke and pull cord 4 times, then, keeping the choke open, hold the trigger down (as if attempting full power) and pull cord until it starts. Should take Good luck.

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The only problem is that the fuel is not getting to the cylinder and I dont know why. Its dry as a bone. However, fuel is getting to the carb. Now how it gets from the carb to the cylinder, I have no idea.

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The basic concept is that the downstroke of the piston creates vacuum in the cylinder which draws fuel vapor from the carb by way of venturi action. Fuel get's pumped to the carb by a pulse line from the crankcase attached to diaphram in the carb.

This animation might help:

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I followed the instructions of JS CT on how to start my Husky 145(new in 10/06) and the saw finally started. The saw was running fine and I stopped it for 20 minutes and I couldn't restart it for 2 days. Many thanks to you JS CT for your help.

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was running ran out of gas.put more gas now it wont start,have spark but it may be flooding out?

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My Husquaner Won't start is was running then it stopes and would not start again, when I took the air filter of there was black fuel coming out and when I took the spark plug out black fuel come out of that, any help would I would be greatful

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This is a new Husqvarna 350 chainsaw which is my last Husqvarna. Spark is good, no gas. Put new gas in tank, still nothing.

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Greetings, fellow DIYers. My Husqvarna 45's choke won't stay out long enough to let me pull the start cord. I've looked in the repair and operator manuals but there's not a lot of info on the choke mechanism. I took the covers off and everything looks kosher. It's a Zama carb. The throttle arm has a cam with a notch that looks like it might engage the choke lever and hold it, but doesn't on my machine. Can (should) that cam be adjusted so that the notch engages the choke lever? (There's actually a cam fixed to the choke lever that rides on the throttle cam). Anyone dealt with this? Your input would be much appreciated.

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