Hooking pump to auto valves and timer

jdsmith101April 19, 2010

Hello all. I am extending my existing irrigation system to my back half acre lot. I currently have 2 zones that the valves are manual. I will add an additional 2 zones for a total of 4, and the valves will be automatic.

I have a different setup than the norm. I have a 220 volt pump with a sand point that supplies the water for my irrigating. I purchased the Orbit brand 1 1/2" automatic valves. I am somewhat lost when it comes to wiring this all up together. I realize I need a timer, but I'm thinking the timer is only going to open and close the valves. Do I need a 2nd timer to tell the pump to kick on and off? And I need to communicate between 24v and 220v. I'm assuming I need a pump timer relay of some sort for that.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Hi jd,

Below is a site to help you with wiring a Controller that operates your zones as well as your pump. You have to decide what brand you will go with.


Your pump wiring is to a pump start relay box and your controller is wired there as well. You should also have a disconnect box as well for emergencies( this is a code in many states). Both boxes should have been set and wired by your pump installer. The station number should be big enough to handle all zones including future ones. Some controllers are modular and make expansion easy for you. The manufacturers have installation manual for all this work. Of course the easiest method is have a licensed electrician do all this for you, but if your good at logical sequencing then it should not be outside your capabilities. Except if something isn't done right, you can't call yourself up to come and fix it or pay for the damage that was done. Hope this helps. Let us know how it all works out or come back with more questions as you move along with it. JMHO Aloha

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