How to water small 6" strips of grass

burdenpiApril 4, 2013

Attached picture shows what we're installing in our front yard. Any advice on how to water the grass between the concrete steps?

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Sure, have a row of semi-circle low flow heads on risers in the planting areas and 3/4 circles at the corners shooting across the paver tiles. Run the timer shorter than normal to let the surface water on the tiles drain into the grass. This will be trial and error. Check with a chop stick pushed into the grass are to make sure the water has moved below the root zone. Run the water regime in the late evening or very early morning so the driveway is not soaking wet when you drive out with the cars. There always is a less simple and more expense way to do things. So let's start with simple and inexpensive. JMHO Aloha

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Agree that may work. But I'm looking for an alternative solution. Can I bury a soaker hose? Or some sort of special head that only sprays a very narrow pattern?

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The spirit of idle curiosity prompts me to inquire how you propose to prevent the grass from overgrowing the pavers.

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Mowing and edging is what I thought. You think this is an issue? Suggest some other planting?

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It will take a lot of weed whacking to keep the pavers well defined. You sure that's grass in your photo? It doesn't much resemble the grass in the lawn. Moss or dwarf mondo might better stay in place, but I'm just guessing.

BTW, you cant bury soaker hoses. They spring leaks too often.

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To do the grid with subsurface drip or even mini-popups between the tiles, the amount of piping and fittings would be financially prohibitive and time consuming to install. After that ordeal, the maintenance would again be very expensive and cause disruption of the area for any minor repairs or replacements. Subsurface drip is prone to clogging. But the choice is yours. If money is no object because someone else will be doing the work and you can park elsewhere while maintenance is done on your driveway, your good to go. You may look a smaller blade grass like Tiff-dwarf (used on golf course greens) or a tight ground cover that give color in the spring or fall. GL JMHO

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