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sweetwilliam89(5b)April 4, 2013

Is it possible to set up a drip irrigation system for one plot in a community garden? I ask because we use drip irrigation at home which I really like, but my wife isn't keen on my growing tall vegetables like corn in the garden as she says it ruins the view of the surrounding area and I really don't want to give up home-grown (or soon-to-be near home) corn. The closest community garden doesn't have a drip irrigation system, but maybe if they see how it works for me they'll add it.

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Community gardens always have a unique sets of circumstances. Is there water to each plot or a community source with one hose? Corn uses alot of water. Are you metered separately for your plot or is everyone charge by lot and uses a community meter? Fill us in on how the CG functions and its rules. Aloha

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The community garden has a number (I have a map somewhere, but it got burried under other stuff) of water outlets that are shared by community gardeners in that area. I think there's about 4 gardens per water outlet. Gardeners pay an annual flat charge and then can use as much water and compost as they want. Each water outlet has it's own hose and there's also some tools that are available for use and the garden has a part-time manager who I hear is pretty nice.

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The answer is yes for one garden plot using drip. Here is how I would do it. I would try to convince all four plot owners on my water source to go in with me in purchasing a battery powered hose bib timer with multiple zones connected to automatic valves(maybe one for each plot). Have separate time to irrigate for each plot. Each plot would set up their own drip type systems after the auto-valves. This saves you time at the plot to do other things beside watering. If anyone that doesn't want to be part of your deal, provide a hose bib splitter before the timer and they can attach their hose to the other outlets at the splitter and use a hose to water by hand. There a hose splitters that have four outlets so you could hook up your auto system and three other could hand water theirs. The 4-hose splitter would need some bracing to work over an extended time. I would be interested in knowing the flat fee you pay, how many plots there are and the average size of the plot. Is the CG run by the municipality or private owner? Let us know what happens. JMHO Aloha

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Thanks for the adivice. The cg has 2 sizes 20x20 or 20x30. The annual fee is $60 for one of the 20x30 plots and folks can get two plots. The 20x20 plots are $50 plots and they are perennial plots. It is municipally run. I believe there are about 80 20x30 plots, 15 20x20 plots and about 10 raised plots that are wheel-chair height.

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