Echo Chainsaw CS370 Starting Issue

yegoose(5)October 17, 2010

Am hoping someone can provide some insights/recommendations as to what to do with my chainsaw problem.

I bought a slightly used Echo Chainsaw CS370 in early 2009. It started just fine when I got it. I used it to cut up some small branches/trees in May of 2009. About 3 months later, it would not start. So I took it to my local Echo dealer and he said I needed a new air filter so I had them replace the filter. It started just fine then in November. I drained the fuel as I only cut a bit of wood once or twice a year. I went out this past weekend, cut for about 30 minutes (it ran really well, no issues at all). I loaded up the wood and drove for about an hour. I had to do a bit more cutting and now it will not start at all.

A friend and I have looked it over and nothing "looks" wrong (took it a part a bit), changed the spark plug, bypassed the "On" switch with a piece of wire as we thought it could have been a faulty on/off switch, but still no luck. Check the air filter and the mesh screen on the intake and it all looks really clean.

The gas I used when it started was the same gas I used an hour later when I refilled it. I even mixed up some new gas but it's just not giving any indication like it's wanting to fire up.

I will try with some new/fresh 92 octane gas (ethanol free.. per other suggestions on this site). I've not messed with the lean mixture yet, but if you think that could help, would be glad to give it a shot.

Thanks for any help on this!


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strelnikov(NE IL)

Check the spark arrestor screen in the muffler. If it is plugged up the engine can't breathe and won't start. I've had this happen in several of my 2-strokes. I also have one of those spark testers, a short piece of spark wire that goes between the spark plug and the spark wire with a glass window that glows when there's current to the spark plug.

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You might have gotten it flooded, try taking the air cleaner off and holding the throttle wide open while cranking. I had one that was laying upside down out in the woods that wouldn't start, took the air cleaner off and it started right up. Some gas had run out of the carb and soaked into the air cleaner causing it to flood. Steve

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Check 1st for spark . If you have good (Blue) Spark then spray a little carb cleaner within the plug hole and attempt a restart . If that should fail try ether based starting fluid . It should at least attempt to start . If so , carb cleaning may be required . Normally pulling the plug over night will cure the slightly flooded issues , Steve may well be correct within the filter being soaked also check that also prior to the carb cleaning as a KISS preventative measure . Let us know what you find Bro !

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try a fresh spark plug.many hours and many dollars spent,when a new spark plug solved the problem.

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