dmullen(Southern CA)October 26, 2012

I have 20-30 1/4 X 20 bolts to cut and they are in a spot where a multitool blade would make it easy to do. They are very hard to get at.

I know nothing about these tools so would like to ask if the blades for these tools will do the job and if so, will one blade be enough to finish the job or should I get extra blades?

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What kind of a "multitool" are you talking about? When I think of a multitool I think of something like a Leatherman tool.

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Please post pictures or links to the multitool and bolts you need to cut. This would help to answer your question and possibly get some suggestions.

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dmullen(Southern CA)

The multi tool is something like a Rockwell or Porta Cable oscillating saw with blades that vibrate.

The bolts I need to cut are 1/4 X 3/4 X 20 that hold an old wooden garden cart (Vermont Cart)together. A new cart would be about $400 and I can rebuild it for less than $100.

There is a metal edge folded around the sheets of plywood and the bolts go through the metal and into Tee nuts. The bolts have been in there for 35 years and are rusted into the Tee nuts.

There is very little gap between the head of the bolts and the metal but I think that one of those blades would fit in there.

Right now, I am have to tear up the wood (it is old and will not be reused anyway). It would be a lot faster and easier to take apart if I could cut all those bolts in place. I think I have about 30-40 or more bolts to remove.

Thanks for the help.

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Are you speaking of a Sawzall (attached) type tool with a metal cutting blade? That should get the job done or maybe a 4" portable grinder with a thin metal cutting wheel. If you own or have access to either I would give it a shot. The grinding might be less resistance/shock and use good eye protection with either. Good Lock!

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I think he's talking about something like this:

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I know nothing about those occilating tools shown in jverts comment. If I wanted to remove a number of rusted bolts and nuts I would use a dremel, which I already have, with fiberglass-reinforced cutting discs. On mild steel bolts and nuts they would quickly cut right through the nut pretty quickly and you can get into pretty tight places with one.

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My muiltitool is a cheap one and does a pretty good job on thin wood and Sheetrock. I have much better luck by locking onto a bolt with vice grips, and with a good eye and a good bit just drill the head off. The recip like pictured above will do a good job if you have the room to get to the bolt. I also grind heads off bolts, you may be able to weaken it enough to break it.

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A picture of the actual task will probably dictate the best "Real" tools.

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dmullen(Southern CA)

Thanks for the replies.

The multitool that I mentioned is like the one shown named "I-Drill". I have a Dremel tool and might try that with the fibreglass cutting disks. I have never seen any of these so will go take a look at them in the hardware store tomorrow.

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