Want to conver sprinkler head to drip - questions!

sheisaeval(Dallas, Texas)April 23, 2013

There's lots of information about how to convert a sprinker head to drip.

We bought a manifold (something like this but not the exact one http://www.amazon.com/Orbit-Adjustable-8-Port-Irrigation-Manifold/dp/B00004S26U), but I'm not sure if I also need something else?

I'm planning to remove the current sprinkler head and replace with this, would that work, or would I need something else? We also got a riser but it's pretty much a tube.

Also, we're bought a coil of 1/4 inch microtubing and we're planning to connect that to the manifold and then poke holes where the plants need the water. Do we also need emitters or just poked holes in the tubing should work by itself?

So pretty much I'm asking if we need anything else other than the manifold, the microtubing, and something to poke the holes. We are also planning to cap off the other heads, what do we need for that?


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I believe the manifold has a female thread bottom that screws on a male ended pipe thread. The riser should have a male threaded end. That is all you need to screw on the manifold. If you remove the sprinkler head see what type of connection it has to mate to. Is it a female or male threaded end. You may need to screw in a male threaded nipple (riser) into the head body and then screw on the manifold. Make sense? JMHO Aloha

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