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I am trying to find a spaghetti type irrigation that I saw at a wholesale nursery in Florida last week. The main line was about 1" and appeared to be rubber, like a garden hose, as opposed to the vinyl irrigation line. The emitter lines, approx 1/4", were also a rubber line which were very flexible and would not kink like the poly vinyl tubing that is available in most irrigation supply places and garden centers. The real beauty of this system was the emitters. They were sticks about 5-6" long and one end was a solid plug and was inserted into the end of the emitter line to stop the flow when that line was not being used. The other end was similar but had grooves cut long ways in plug and allowed for water seep out. The more grooves, the higher the flow rate. Has anyone seen such a system and can anyone tell me where to purchase this?? It may be commercial stuff, but one would think it would be reasonable to purchase and due to the simplicity, it would be very cost effective. Thanks in advance for your replies!

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Any local irrigation store should carry this like John Deere Landscapes, Horizon Irrigation Supply...etc. They are commercial product but the pricing is reasonable.

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The closest thing I have seen is a dripper stake. But it has a built in emitter and the one I am seeking is just a plug on one end and the same plug on the other end but with a v groove lengthwise down that plug so that water can drip thru it. I looked at JD Landscapes, Horizon, and many others with no luck...

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Here is what I think you might be looking for and are often used in nurseries. They attach with 1/8" tubing and have a groove in them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pot Spitters

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