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jmcnyc(6)April 14, 2014

I have a flower bed that has a spray head sprinkler in the corner. The sprinkler does not do a very good job of getting water where I need it. The bed is about 12 ft x 5ft. I was looking at replacing the spray head with a system of tubes in the garden so I get a better placement of the water. Anyone have experience in converting a spray head to more of the tube based system? Can I simply connect a tube to the in ground piping and let the in ground sprinkler timer set up the schedule? Should I be concerned about pressure? Any sources would be appreciated.

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Might be less hassle to remove the sprinkler from the riser, and replace it with a connection for a 25' soaker hose. You would need a $5.00 pressure regulator, to attach to the hose.

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Thats what I was thinking - would I need a filter as well - I see RainBird has a drip converter kit

But I think a soaker hose would work as well - just need to leave it run for a decent amount of time.

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I was in Home Depot today, and noticed a doohickey that screws directly to a sprinkler riser. It had 6 nipples for attaching 1/4" poly lines, with a turnscrew to regulate the flow from each line. You would have to somehow incorporate both a filter and regulator, of course. These things never seem to live up to our expectations, which is why I use only soaker hoses. I haven't conducted any experiments, but I suspect they will disperse water more quickly than a drip system, and they don't require a filter. Check the soaker hose thread below, for the type I use.

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