Tip for under tractor inspection

krnuttleMay 3, 2014

I found a very useful way to inspect the underside of the tractor is to use a digital camera with a timer. Place the camera on the ground under the camera. Set the timer and take a picture. If necessary take several.

Load the pictures in a photo manipulation program and look at the underside of the tractor. Zoom into area you suspect the problem. If necessary go back out an re position the camera to get a better view of where you think you detected a problem

Sure beats standing on your head trying to inspect the underside to find the problem. The standing on your head time can be used to fix the problem not diagnose it.

You picture can also help you explain to the dealer what part you need.

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Place the camera on the ground! Not!
Arrange a small plank with a border of your choice of some type of material that will form a "nest" for your camera to rest in while you move the board to the desired spot. Or just use a small plastic dish. but don't take a chance of getting some dirt anywhere near the camera, it could end up getting into the lensing works. You don't know what despair is until your camera flashes "Lens Error" on the blank monitor screen.
Timer will do fine, but even better is if your camera has a data link that would allow you to use a remote switch to fire the shot.

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Addendum. My "ground" is the garage floor and I routinely use the leaf blower to keep the floor clean.

I like all of your ideas.

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