Best free-standing sprinkler

maine_lawn_nutApril 26, 2009

I went form a house with city water and irrigation to new construction with a well and no irrigation.

The lawn is about to be seeded and I want sprinklers that cover a lot of area. I expect to have the kind that have a spike in the ground so I can hide them in the shrub beds so I don't have to move them very often. I have about 15000 sq ft to cover.

I've gone through the big box stores and some of them list the estimated coverage. Can anyone chime in on free standing lawn sprinklers they have had good (or bad) experiences?

In particular, I am curious as to performance on well water pressure.

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Hi lawn nut,

How familiar are you with irrigation system design? Why are you seeding a large lawn and planting area without first putting in a permanent automatic irrigation to ensure proper propagation of the seed and long term plant maintenance and causing you long term maintenance headaches as well as suck up your time? Any standard sprinkler(Hunter, Rainbird, Toro) can be tied onto a rebar stake stuck in the ground. Your choice(more money)is impulse heads or rotary for larger coverage and wider spacing to pop-ups (cheaper) closer spacing. It all relates to your flow and pressure delivered from your well pump or house source or both.
Just curious, Aloha.

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I use spike sprinklers from Pacific Sprinklers and they actually create a mist that allows for water conservation. Best of all you can connect them one to another. These spicke sprinklers are called Rainforest Ecological 2 Way Spike Sprinklers and I included a link to where I buy mine. I love them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rainforest Ecological 2 Way Spike Sprinkler

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I did not want to pay the upfront cost of the system. I may put one in myself in a year or two but for now, it's conventional sprinklers. I'll just rent a puller when the time comes. For now, I want a few robust sprinklers that cover a lot of area.

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Hi Lawn Nut,
Good reason. You can save a lot of money and get exercise as well. Just lay a pvc line 3/4 to 1" sch 40 on the ground and have tees come off with impulse sprinklers attached to rebar hammered into the ground. Tie-off the sprinklers to the rebar with tie-wire. This will take maintenance on the tie-wire eventually, but last as long as you need. The sprinklers will throw 20 feet each side and give plenty of water. Your flow and pressure will limit how many sprinklers can run at once. Cheap and easy temporary system. Put a vacuum breaker and manual shutoff valve at the start of the system and maybe a battery operated automatic valve after that to make life a little easier. Seeds need to be kept moist all the time until they pop.

If you want to spend more bucks. Here is a link to portable sprinkler. This one has wheels and moves itself.

Or use the mister system in the morning when there is no wind.


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