What can I connect to the Orbit 4 port manifold

EileendfApril 3, 2013


I've purchased those orbit adjustable 4 port manifold to convert my sprinkler riser head. They are advertised to have internal pressure control so I don't need to worry about reducing pressure anymore, is that right?

I want to connect a 1/4'' tubing to each port and put some in-line 1GPH dripper in each of the 1/4'' tubing. I'm a little worried if this little manifold would be able to support this many drippers. Would that be feasible? Or are these designed to connect to only one dripper/bubbler with a 1/4'' line to each port?


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check out this link from Orbit, should answer your question:



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Thank you!
The installation guide doesn't have this information, but I called Orbit and they said it's okay to do that.

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