Starter Spins Slow/Runs Fine: 12 HP Tecumseh OVXL120

pfranczMay 7, 2012

Q:Mechanical Compression Release Valve Problem ?

Symptoms: The Tecumseh OVXL120 on my 1983 MURRAY lawn mower is getting really hard to start just this year. It's been used sparingly a few hours per year.

Once you place a marine bat in parallel with it's bat it starts and runs fine. Bat is checked and ok.

Starter solenoid was jumpered out for test and no change, it turns over slow with one bat. When running all is fine.

Could the starter need rebuilding, ie. bushings etc.

Connect bat to starter post and turns over slow, bypassing key, solenoid etc. It runs well once I get it started, but its really hard to start. Will only crank slow with it's own bat.

Following Up:

1. The starter on the bench, unmounted from the mower, spins fine with one battery.

2. The battery EC was verified by a carbon load test at the auto parts store. It has the correct charge and sufficient capacity. 385 cca, lawn tractor bat.

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Possibly loose/corroded start circuit connection(s). Starting with batt post ground, take apart each connection - clean to bright metal with sandpaper/emory cloth. Leave batt ground post unhooked. Continue cleaning process at each connection but do sanding/reassembly of that connection before moving to next connection to avoid routing foulup. Do include batt lead to chassis connection.Corrosion can be "non-visible" - so clean each mating surface at each connection. Re-asm batt ground post last thing before testing. Good luck.

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In addition to the above, don't forget things like starter motor case to engine block, engine mounting bolts etc. They are all pat of the ground circuit.

That said, it IS a 30 year old starter motor.



for a service manual.

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***"Once you place a marine bat in parallel with it's bat it starts and runs fine."***
Huh! Basically that is a jump start. And if the addition of another battery in parallel (be it marine or otherwise) produces a good spin of starter..........would it not stand to reason that the starter and cables are good?
The only part of the Murray wiring left to question seems to me would be the battery posts or the surfaces of the cables that connect to the Murray battery posts.
Now, if ADDING that second battery works........have you tried using only the second battery by itself without the Murray battery connected?

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