Zone only comes on manually

winterwolfes(7a NJ)April 25, 2013

I have a 4 zone set up. This year Zone 2 would not turn out. Turns out that it was a bad wire. Luckily there was a spare wire run to the box so swapping it out was simple. The problem though was once I got zone 2 working, zone 3 went on the fritz. It is having the same symptoms that zone 2 had. The zone will not turn on. I have Toro 264 series valves. If I open the bleed screw, the zone comes on. Then when I close the screw, the zone stays on. But the problem is that it won't shut off. I swapped the selonoid with one of the other working zones and that did not fix it. I also swapped wires and it didn't work. Today, I took the valve apart and cleaned it really well. I also bought a new diaphram and installed it, still the valve will not turn on unless I open the bleed screw. And when I do that, it will not turn off once I close it. Is there something else I am missing here?? Any one have any other suggestions. Between these 2 zones, I have been fighting this system every day after work this week!

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Try turning on your zone by turning the solenoid counterclockwise until the water comes on without turn on the bleed screw. Turn the solenoid only enough to start the irrigation. To shut off turn the solenoid clockwise just enough to stop the water. Do not over tighten. Let us know what happens. Aloha

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winterwolfes(7a NJ)

lehua - Thanks for responding! My valve (Toro 264) does not have a screw in solenoid. It has two screws on either side of it and those screw down into holes on either side of the valve. But anyway, I did what you suggested. I loosened those screws just until water started moving. It shot out from under the solenoid and also started coming out the sprinklers. I then tightened the screws and after about 1 minute, the zone shut down again.

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winterwolfes(7a NJ)

lehua - I figured it out. The exhaust port was blocked up. A grain of sand must have got in there. I started out last week knowing nothing about sprinkler valves. I am now an expert. hahaha.

So thanks for your time. Mission accomplished!

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