basic setup for 2x4 tomato bed

coengApril 9, 2013

I'm planning on installing a drip system with Dig components and am trying to visualize how to run the hoses to a 2x4 bed. Nothing fancy, just basic enough to water two tomato plants. All the guides taht I have ready are WAY too complicated for my application.

So this is what I envision...1/2" irrigation hose along the ground to 90 degree elbow, up 12 inches with another 1/2" hose to another 90 degree elbow over the top of the bed frame. Next I add a small section of 1/2" hose from the elbow to a ball valve, then another short section of 1/2" hose (after the ball valve) terminated. In the bed I form an oblong loop of 1/4" micro hose with the two ends of the hose inserted into holes that I punch in the 1/2" hose that is terminated after the ball valve.

Or is there an easier way to lay this out. My brain isn't working today so any advice (or a pic) is appreciated.

Ideally it would be nice if I could find a 1/2" to 1/4" compression tee so I wouldn't have to terminate the hose after the ball valve.

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Your set up seems fine to me. I did something similar with a long loop of soaker hose. I used pvc into the bed with a pcv tee and adapters at both end that my soaker hose fit onto at each ends of the tee. It did great for two seasons for two tomatoe plants and some beans and herbs. As long as the soil gets adequate soaking for each irrigation. I had to get the time of irrigation by trial and error. GL JMHO aloha

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