Irrigation well turning on and off every 10 secs

chellamaralApril 17, 2013

Recently heard well pump turning on and off during the last zone of irrigation in the wee hours of the am. The other zones seemed to be ok. Manually shut off auto system as we don't have a rain sensor yet and expected rain.

Ran a couple of zones manually while gardening, and now same issue on some other zones or very low pressure. The gauge will reach 50 psi and then the well will shut off, the pressure drops and then the well will kick back in until the pressure reaches 50 psi.

Please advise!

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Sounds like you have a leak in your pressure tank bladder.
The tank will be full of water leaving no room for air.
Try switching off the pump,release the pressure by opening a valve.Now remove the tank from the pump.If the tank is heavy and full of water drain it and refit and try the system.If it works then you can be sure that you have a leaking bladder in the tank which will need to be replaced.Although the system might work again it won't be long before you have the same problem.

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Yep, it was full! Draining now....

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OK, drained but now the pump will start manually but not when we turn on the hoses or irrigation

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Sounds like you have a loss of prime pressure switch .If you can get it to pump to full pressure manually then try.A loss of prime switch will not operate the pump at low pressure to prevent it running dry.

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