Adding Drip Irrigation Zone to Existing Sprinkler System

okolowiczApril 28, 2014

Currently I have a 6 zone irrigation system (3 in front yard, 2 in back yard, and 1 on the side of the house). All zones use anti-siphon valves which are installed about 8" above the ground. Everything works great as is but I have just built an 18"wide x 16'long x 24" high raised planter box and would like to add a new (drip) zone for it to my existing system.

I am trying to determine what I need but am a bit confused. In fact, I just got off the phone with RainBird Tech Support and am even more confused than before my call. So, here are my questions:

1) To add a new zone for drip do I need to use an inline valve or an anti-siphon valve?

My understanding is that the anti-siphon valve needs to be installed >6" above the highest sprinkler. If that is the case then for a 24" high planter my valve would need to be nearly 3 feet above the ground. This would probably be an eyesore.

2) Can I used a standard electric valve or do I need to use a Drip Control Zone Valve such as the RainBird CPZ075PRFI (inline) or CPZ075PRFA (anti-siphon)? I figured I would need a Drip Control Zone valve but RainBird tech support indicated a regular valve would be fine.

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Since you're using anti-siphon valves, I assume you don't have a backflow prevention device between your valve manifold and your main supply line. The anti-siphon feature of your valves is intended to prevent possibly contaminated water from being sucked back into the main line. This method of backflow control is now generally viewed with disfavor, and may not comply with applicable codes. If the valve is not positioned at the mandated height above the sprinkler or drip line, the anti-siphon feature is defeated. On the bright side, a simple $10 backflow preventer is usually all that is required for a soaker hose or drip line, and when you open the valve, the water will flow. You will also need an inexpensive pressure regulator. Putting this together may be a bit tricky, and you will need to bear in mind the incompatibility of hose threads and pipe threads as you select the requisite components.

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