Husqvarna YTH 2448 wont always start

aaronyoungMay 30, 2014

My lawn tractor is a Husqvarna YTH 2448. When it starts up it sounds great but often when I turn it off it wont start again. I find that if I jiggle and move the shifter in neutral that it will eventually start but it takes a lot of tries to find the sweet spot.

When it wont start the engine tries and spins up just a split second. It seems to be acting like its in gear even though its in neutral. IF I try too many times eventually I get the clicking sound and it doesn't even try to turn over. I have to wait and let it sit before trying again.

I do have the issue where if I put it in neutral when its running it doesn't always stop...or that has "creep" but before I turn it off I made sure it is in the neutral position and is no long moving (not creeping forward in neutral)...takes some jiggling around in neutral to get it to stop completely.

Also noticed my clutch/brake seems loose and sounds like I am breaking something to get it pushed down...sounds like a loose spring or something.

The starting issue is really making it impossible. I tested the battery because it seemed to me like it was a low battery but its fine. I even took one out of my working mower.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I forgot to mention that my clutch/break pedal does not come back up fully so unless I pull it all the way up I dont get full speed when mowing. I didnt know how to fix that since I cant find any diagrams or information on it. I've had a rope tied to it so I can pull it all the way up to get more speed.

I dont know if these are related but it seems the clutch/break and the shifter need adjustments or have loose parts maybe springs but I dont know what they are suppose to look like. I cant find a picture of how they are suppose to look.

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I've uploaded a few photos of the underside of the shifter and part of the break/clutch.

not great but if I need to I can take better.

Here is a link that might be useful: Photos

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Well, there isn't any safety switch on the hydro transmission or linkage. There is on the brake pedal. I notice many times lots of grass built up on the frame in the area of the steering. If you follow the brake pedal in, look and see where it travels through the frame and it will become apparent where the grass can interfere with the arms on that brake pedal rod. Also, clean the area of the brake switch. It sounds like an intermittent brake switch. you can test that w/ an ohmmeter if all is physically working well to actuate the switch. 2 connectors are Normally Closed and 2 are Normally open, the n reverse when activated. Another thing to check is the chassis ground for the harness. It is attached at the fuel tank bolt on the RH side of the machine. A 9/16 wrench will fit in to see if it is secure. You can feel the wire w/ your hand under the fender by the hydro control.

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Thank for the reply. I tried what you mention and all is well but the problem persists.

What is happening is that the mower runs find and fast but when I go up hill it lags and slows down...the brake pedal is not springing all the way back up..if I put my foot under it and pull up it speeds up the hill no problem.

I dont know what the brake, rod, spring assembly is suppose to look like to know if my connections are solid as they should be. The manual and parts diagram doesnt show how it should look assembled.

I had hoped in my searching to find someone who has the same mower and can take a photo of what it should look like tightened but I cant find any.

Here is what mine looks like

Because the pedal doesnt go all the way back up it seems that it could be this part of the assembly.

Thank you for any help you can provide.


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