Honda Rototiller FG 100 GX 31

pinoy_gardenerOctober 20, 2010

How do I replace the priming bulb of Honda FG 100 GX 31?

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I have the GX31 engine. The carb is Wabro WYL. Go to the site and get the parts list and order that part. It is very easy to change, just 4 screws. The trick is whether the other gasket will start leaking once you loosen the screws. The carb will come apart after you remove the 4 screws. But in your case, it might still hold together because it is old. Be careful and use a small screw driver to only remove the top cap( with the bulb) and replace with new one and put the screw back on without disturb the rest.

Maybe you should just get the overhault kid and change all the gasket. Clean the inside also. Make sure you get a can of compress duster from computer store, blow the liquid dry after you wash the internal parts with carb cleaner.

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Thank you so much for prompt response. I removed and replaced the priming bulb but I am no sure that I put the parts in the correct order. There is a small spring that I do not remember where I took it from so I did not put it back. I am unable to start the engine as the gasoline is not flowing despite pressing the priming bulb 3x. Pls. help me again. Tks.

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I actually open the carb, it is on the third layer ( The last layer that you see the coper main jet. This is the main body of the carb ). If you look at the jet with the idle adjustment screw to your right side, the spring should go to the left of the jet. The larger side of the spring will fit right onto to it. You should see a round indent that the large end of the spring should it right in. In the middle there is "28" on mine. The spring should go right there.

Post after you try this.

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Thanks yougman

I replaced the primer but engine still would not start. Brought the rototiller to a repair shop. They charged $35 to check. Two days later the shop owner called said carburetor and other parts need to be replaced for total cost $177+. I decided not to have it repaired. Thanks for your help.

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Buy a new carb, it is not that expensive!!!.

It is a WYL. Read off you carb to double check and order one and put it on yourself. It is only two screws and you are done. It is a 5 minutes job, the only thing you have to do is adjust the idle and you'll have a new life!!!

Wht other parts? You can change the plugs, gas filter and wash the air filter with soap. Oh yes, change oil would be nice. It is a good engine, don't give it up yet. Write back to get more help.

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Thanks again for your contiuning help and patience. Pls. describe to me the gas and air filters. I will not give up as long as you will continue to help me,an 80-yr old man with diminishing comprehension level.

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Air filter is the foam piece when you open the air filter plastic to get to the carb. For a tiller, it can get really really dirty. You want to take it out, wash with soap and warm water, then let it dry over night. Before you put it back on, put some motor oil and squeece it to spread the oil into the foam. This will work better in trapping dust and dirt.

Gas filter is at the end of the gas line inside the gas tank. You need to bend a little hook using a coat hanger and stick it into the gas tank and fish that little thing out. You can buy a new one in OSH or any dealer that sell lawn equipments. Bring your old one and show them. It is about $3 to $4.

I assume you know how to take off the carb and put it back on since you open the carb already. If you want to go cheap, you can even buy the carb rebuild kid which include all the gasket and plastic parts that need to be changed in the carb and overhault yourself. If you do that, all you have to do is get a small can of compressed air in Fry's computer store or even in RideAid. Get a carb cleaner spray from auto store and wash the internal parts, then blow dry with the compressed air. It is very important to blow dry to get rid of the liquid.

Just post back, I am no expert, someone else can help you also. I have the WYL so I think I can help on this.

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