Safe Length for micro tube

pfinger1April 4, 2005

I need to irrigate a small flowerbed which is about 20 feet from where my water source is. I know my options for getting water to the bed but I am thinking the least damaging at this point would be running the 1/4" tube. I don't want to dig up the lawn again to get 3/4" pvc pipe down there. I am thinking i can run the 1/4" brown tube real close to the soil and the grass will grow over it at least until i feel like digging up the grass again.

I am going to setup a dedicated zone to this bed which will run the tube. Will it work? Will I lose too much pressure? I am not worried about gophers or moles...just it decent enough?

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Depends on how many drippers you are going to run. But yes you can run the 1/4" tubing. There is an adapter that connects to the faucet and then you connect the 1/4" tubing to that. Here is the company I use. For the tubing just go to tubing. For emitters or micro sprinklers click on those links.

Here is a link that might be useful: micro irrigation

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