Newly planted tree. WATERING?

Ibanez540rApril 25, 2012

Does anyone have a good rule of thumb or recommendation on how much and how often to water a newly planted tree?

It is a forest pansy redbud that is 1.75" caliber. Planted in some pretty clay like soil with a little bit of organic amendments. Was B&B.

Will be on drip.


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A newly planted tree root ball just needs to keep moist but not wet. You have to make sure the water is getting to the entire root ball. a good soaking every few days should be fine depending on your climate. Just don't let the root ball get completely dried out or over watered. Clay soils take longer to get wet but dry out slower than sandy soils. Be careful if you have the tree sitting in a hole dug to small and in poor draining soil. The tree roots will be sitting in a bog and can't get air. JMHO Aloha

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